VPN slows my internet!

I installed OVPN but my internet became slower ,is there is away to use VPN without losing speed? Or Any recommendtion for a VPN server that i can use without effects my internet speed?

switch to wireguard, but ultimately, a VPN will always slow you down, to some extent.

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What is your router?
One possible cause is that your router is not powerful enough
The CPU power of the older routers may not be sufficient for VPN need with modern ISP connection with speeds going toward gigabit.

Buy a powerul x86 device or something similar.

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A VPN generally "slows" things down:
A) encryption and decryption require CPU cycles and often (not always) one of the ends does not have enough CPU cycles available to do its xx-cryption at "line-rate". If you are lucky and both ends are sufficiently powerful for the traffic rate you might still encounter
B) encryption/decryption increases the local latency slightly (a received packet needs to be decrypted first before it can be passed along the stack which takes a (small) amount of time)
C) using a VPN can change the network path your packet travel. This can be detrimental, think a computer in the US using a VPN end node in the EU but tries to send traffic to other US servers, the VPN will not add a ~100ms detour twice across the Atlantic increasing latency (and increasing the risk of encountering an overloaded network element resulting in additional throughput reduction). BUT this can also be beneficial, if e.g. your ISP has notoriously congested connections to say Netflix resulting in low quality streaming, using a VPN that is well connected to both the ISP and Netflix can result in a much higher quality of experience as the VPN allows you to route your traffic around the congestion.

In short the answer as so often is "it depends". A VPN technically is very likely to cause some throughput reduction and latency increase, but neither of these needs to be large enough to be measurable or noticeable.


My router is not old it's ZBT 3526

Send me the link for wireguard please

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opkg update
opkg install luci-app-wireguard

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Perfect but i need to remove package Luci-app-ovpn before installing this package?)

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OpenVPN and Wireguard can be installed at the same time except on a device with small flash there may not be enough space.

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No, it is impossible. Encrypted channel requires resources.

I also have MT7621 based router, OpenVPN speeds really suck (CPU too slow, and 32-bit, and no AES accelerator, not even FPU either)

Do VPNs actually require any floating point calculations or is this a general comment upon rputer-CPUs?

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No. It is ONLY discrete calculation. AES is the main algorithm for symmetric encryption. However now ChaCha20-Poly1305 is also used.

yes, general comment as to what else is missing that would make such a CPU good at processing stuff quickly

mostly you need something with AES accel to achieve any sort of speed with VPNs

there is a patch for enabling the crypto unit in mt7621 but it sucks too (not an opcode but an external /dev/crypto device, by the time you copy the data over and use the acceleration, and copy it back, it's already slower than just slogging it on the CPU / no DMA or anything that would reduce the overhead)