VPN setup Vs Location issues


I would really appreciate your help.

I have set up a VPN with 2 GL iNet AR300M routers. One is being used as a server, using the Wireguard protocol, and the other as a client (with active TLS Cloudfare). The client is connected via LAN.

The issue is that I work for a multinational company with around 30k employees and I need to work outside the country for a week to handle very important documentation. However, due to the strained relationship with my boss (mention that will control this situations), it wasn't approved, even though the company has regulations allowing us to work outside the country for a certain period of time. And I don't have vacation days to take.

Is it possible for my location to be detected with this VPN setup and by disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS in the BIOS(it's possible) of my work computer?

Thank you!

We cannot guarantee what your computer/phone (and your work related applications) might do in terms of gathering other metadata by which it could theoretically determine your current real location.

But, from a pure network standpoint, if you tunnel all of your traffic through the WG connection to the 'server' located at your home, your traffic should appear as if it is indeed originating from your home ISP connection.

You should be very aware that what you're intending to do could very likely be considered gross misconduct by your employer. That means they could very well, if they find out, fire you without notice.