VPN SERVER HOW-TO - add several users

there is a how to

is there a way to add several user not only one ?


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am i right that this is right config?

Configure VPN service

uci -q delete pptpd.client1
uci set pptpd.client1="login"
uci set pptpd.client1.username="USERNAME1"
uci set pptpd.client1.password="PASSWORD1"

uci -q delete pptpd.client2
uci set pptpd.client2="login"
uci set pptpd.client2.username="USERNAME2"
uci set pptpd.client2.password="PASSWORD2"
uci commit pptpd
/etc/init.d/pptpd restart

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Yep, that should work, however note:

WireGuard or OpenVPN are preferred.


sure thanks -- there is no sensitive data

  • private data only send over https
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ocserv/openconnect is another good choice.

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There are many good VPN solutions these days (predominantly wireguard, IPsec and OpenVPN), pptp is not one of them and horribly insecure, it shouldn't be used, at all.

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If you have no sensitive data but only private data, what does that mean anyway in the field of cyber security.

Why do you use a VPN solution with the above statement at all if you use https also?