VPN performance with 1900ACS


I'm using this router and i'm disappointed with VPN performence.
I have 30mbit line and with pptp vpn interface i'm getting max 10-12 mbit transfer.
Do you think it's hardware limit or pptp plugin is so slow?


i think this is limited by the PPTP implementation...
Note that PPTP is broken since 1997. See poptop security message.

Why are you using PPTP?
You should use something more convenient like OpenVPN or Wireguard.
OpenVPN does reach about 100 Mbits on mvebu platforms and wireguard should you give much more...

Here is a very good thread from @jeff that lists also VPN performanc for a lot of devices:

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Yeah i get like 100Mbit via SoftetherVPN5 and its own vpn protocol as well on mvbeu.

I'm using pptp because it's supported protocol with purevpn.
I think i'll try openvpn then, i tried l2tp but i couldn't make it running