VPN only on RPi4 wifi... Possible?

Afternoon everyone, I've spent all morning trying to get a dietpi installation set up on a rpi4 with a full time wireguard connection to use as a torrent box without success....

... So I'm now wondering if it would be easier, more importantly better documented to instead set up a wireguard interface on my Openwrt rpi's wifi connection... So that I can connect the torrenting pi via wireless to it.

Is this easy achievable by a noob, and will it be able to be backed up and included in my next image build like my normal settings are?

Cheers all.

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I only need one device to use the vpn interface, and it would be the only item using the rpi4b built in wifi... so would this be the best option to use?

That method should solve the problem.
The other way is setting up VPN directly on the client device.

I will look into that then, as getting it set up on the client has proved difficult for my level of knowledge.

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