Vodafone Station Revolution

Good evening everyone, according to this page I can load openwrt on this router,


Model SGH 2500, I also have a Sercomm VD625, on the page for supports that are the same

where do I find the snapshot image for this router?

Umm wich router? You havent metioned a model nither is a link atached?
Also you are using the wrong category

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sorry, you're right

Honestly, read the big warning boxes - and don't bother.

I don't worry at all, many supported routers don't have drivers for adsl or vdsl connections, I use them for other things, tv server, dlna or vpn, it doesn't matter if adsl doesn't work, as long as you can install wireguard, wifi could work with a card external usb, now winter is coming and I find something to play with :slight_smile:

Hi @marcocastro, currently the supported model is "vfes", this means routers with the spanish firmware. Openwrt would work without problems in your router, but the factory firmware probably won't install from the (non spanish) OEM firmware

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my god i'm going crazy to find a way to flash it. via web is not possible, via uart i cannot stop the bootloader, how we can flash it?

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Hi, I just saw that you replied, can the Spanish OEM firmware be loaded into the Italian versions? if this could be done in theory we could then move on to openwrt.. am I right?

Hi, I gave this router to a friend who has vdsl tim and he updated it to the AGSOT_2.1.2 version in less than two days.
with this firmware you can unlock some functions, very few in reality, it also has a page to load firmware, I have already tried to load this firmware "openwrt-bmips-bcm63268-sercomm_shg2500-squashfs-factory.img" which should be for the Vodafone station Spanish revoluntion, but it was rejected
I also tried to do a root procedure described on GitHub without any success