Vodafone Germany vs TP_LINK W8970

Hi, I had for a long time a tp-link w8970 working with vodafone deutschland but vodafone did a update from annex b to annex j and it doesn't work with my tplink. Since it, I'm using the easybox provided by vodafone.
Using dsl_control status on the tplink I get: handshake, idle, silent.
Any suggestion?

It's quite possible that not (just) the annex is your your (problem you need to change the dsl configuration to account for that, at least), but also that you might have been moved from the older BRAS platform over to BNG, which means you need vlan tagging on WAN as well (just like for VDSL).


Be shure that you have the right vci and vpi values, i had have the same problem in the past and try different choises a week.

Other possibilitys are you can try an other Modemfirmware

what kind easybox ?
what kind of tp-link w8970 or w8970(B)

But it is possible that Annex J are not working on your device.
The strange thing are the Modem Chip should be the same as in many other devices xrx200 aka vr9 devices and theoreticly it should can do all DSL specification up to VDSL2 profile 30a.
But it does not. On some Models does some ADSL annexe not work although modemfirmware can change freely.
The answer does only know the Manefactura of the devices.

Aside from the SOC and its modem capabilities, the vendor has to decide over the bandfilters - which might, or might not be compatible with annex j.

The model is W8970B. Because I still had chaos calmer, today I flashed it with the 18.06 release will see what's happen.

Did you know how the vendors make it on xrx200 ?

@ yousdo
If this really not working on the TP-Router on some Easyboxes you can install openwrt on it.

Installing (or not) the necessary band filters - and/ or corresponding bootstrap resistors to inform the SOC of the hardware capabilities (installed band filters). The SOC is the same either way, the analogue components in front of it (capacitors, coils, forming the appropriate band filters) are not (necessarily).

No way to get the dsl on the tplink up. Actually I'm using both routers: the easybox as "modem" and the tplink as router firewall, configured in poor man's bridge mode https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/dmz-based-bridge-mode .
Today I bought a second hand Easybox 904 xdsl for few money just to see how it work with openwrt.
Stay tuned.