VnStat and wifi labeling: rx is tx, tx is rx

19.07.2 with current VnStat: This is pretty minor, but I've noticed in VnStat (GUI or command-line) that when it comes to the wifi interface, the rx/tx labeling is reversed from what's expected.

So, when configured for these two:


rx/tx are correct for eth1 but backwards for wlan0. The numbers are right, the labeling isn't, at least from a human standpoint (it may well be from the WLAN's own standpoint it's correct, but that's not hugely helpful). It's most definitely the case that 428MB is what's been downloaded, not uploaded.

Is there any way to trick wireless into displaying in accordance with wired?

Assuming you are downloading more data than uploading, then it's correctly displayed.

If you download something from the internet over wlan, then your wan link (eth1) receives (rx) the data and your wireless link does transmit (tx) the data to your machine.

Yes, and I see what you mean, as that's what I was hinting at by mentioning looking at it from the wireless interface's POV, but it's something of an abstraction to think that way about what really amounts to a BW monitor.

Yes, the router is transmitting to you what you're downloading from the Internet, explaining the high tx, but I think that perspective is unexpected for such a report, even if it is technically accurate.