vnStat 2.x in OpenWrt?

With the latest version in OpenWRT being 1.18, and the vnStat project moving into the 2.x branch over the last year and a half (latest is 2.6), I didn't see a previous thread on whether it will be possible to incorporate this into an upcoming version of OpenWRT.

One major change is "C struct dump database has been replaced with sqlite database," which may have some bearing on if it's practical to do or not.

master has 2.6 (vnstat2), not sure about a backport (maybe the next stabe 20.x?) if that is what you are after.

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The three packages you are looking for are vnstat2, vnstati2 and luci-app-vnstat2

Right, but there must be a reason that what shows up in Software is <v2 (especially since v2 isn't new). Are we really meant to go outside that walled garden?

Software shows quite nicely also the new 2.6 in master:

There is both the old-style v1 version, in addition to the 2.6 version.

And if trying to install the 2.6, it also points out the need for sqlite:

Not sure what you mean by the "go outside that walled garden".

Ps. anything in the current master will automatically be in the new 20.0x release series, once that gets branched off at some point.

What I meant was installing packages that don't show up in Software (which I thought was the case for everyone, since it is the case here) manually.

Searching for vnstat here doesn't show up anything higher than 1.18-2.

I assume, then, we have different OPKG configs? Mine is just the default:

You use the stable 19.07 release series.

The new version 2.x is in master, like anomeome already said above.
It has been added after the 19.07 was branched off June 2019.
The new package has not been backported the old 19.07 series, which still ha just the 1.x vnstat.

Got it. Terminology problem on my end.