VMWare and OpenWrt, stuck with no prompt

hi all,
I'm newbie to OpenWrt and I'm trying to create a VM machine using VMware Workstation Player 15: I followed instrunction exlained at "OpenWrt on VMware HowTo" page, but I keep getting stuck with no cursor prompt, even after hours waiting, look at screen in attachment.

Changing vmx file with "ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"" even gives "error vmx file corrupt", VMware Workstation Player 14 doesn't give this error,so I'm going with 14 atm but behaviour is still the same.

Anything I can do?
thanks in advice

VM configuration

Stuck at screen

Typically you need to press Enter to get the login prompt.

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Pressed ENTER, CTRL-C, CTRL-Z, CTRL-D,WIN+R, CTRL-ALT-CANC but did nothing.... :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, no other ideas.
It works for me in KVM/QEMU well enough.
There're also other people on the forum using VMware.
You can try to search and contact them.

I could try QEMU too, but I don't know how to use it, it is quite complicated to begin with.
If I'm not asking too much, could you give me something I could replicate? I dont know... images, config files, commands, something just "unzip and go" if possible :slight_smile: ?


GNOME Boxes > + Create a Virtual Machine... > Operating System Image File > *.img > Create

virsh edit vm_name

Replace rtl8139 with virtio and power cycle the VM.