[VM] No network config?

I want to run lede in a vm with virtualbox. Like in this tutorial.
But after starting the vm there is no network entry in uci show network...
And there is no network config under /etc/config/network

What can I do?

Use the combined-ext4.img.gz image instead.
Had the same problem. The tutorial on LEDE page is either lacking some steps or there is a mistake.

@r43k3n is right. If you want a better explanation of all the different images, read this link:

If it can help, I've been using real hardware once and after dumping the image on the physical disk, I had to create another ext4 partition to put all required Ethernet drivers and dependencies. Then I installed the drivers using opkg and rebooting gave me a working LEDE setup with Internet access.

You don't need to do that on VMware (I've tested it) but YMMV with VirtualBox.

Sorry I'm writing so late again.

Someone posted a working answer but deleted it again?
It was something with dd ...

Thanks for alle the answers. :slight_smile:

Thanks bash history :smiley:

it was:
dd if=lede-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img of=padded.img bs=100M conv=sync

In my case it was because NIC was emulated using E1000, and not VMXNET 3. I switched to VMXNET 3 and it worked.

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