VLANs for Home and Guests 21.02 version

Hi to all, I am using openWRT 21.02.
I have a small ntwork that is manged by MIKROTIK main router.
On that mikrotik router there is only ONE free LAN port. I want to to attach to it my old TP-link TL-WR842ND to act as Access point.
The Idea is the access point to have TWO separete Wireless ssid`s Home and Guests, and the free LAN ports of the access point to be used only for HOME network.
I have created VLAN100 on Mikrotik for Guests. All the rest traffic is for HOME.
On WR842ND in SWITCH menu I have setup VLAN 100 for Guests tagged traffic, bridge, wireless setup etc. It WORKS as it should.
THE PROBLEM comes when I set up second VLAN in SWITCH menu for untagged traffic. THEN everything STOPS?!?!
Maybe in the latest version of openWRT there is something special?
Hope to find a solution here.

You could avoid the use of vlans by setting up the guest wifi as described in the wiki.
Otherwise you'd have to post the configuration to have a look what can be wrong.

Please run the following commands (copy-paste the whole block) and paste the output here, using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have

ubus call system board; \
uci export network; uci export wireless; uci export dhcp

Thank you for your replay.
I am total newbie and do NOT know how and where to run any commands :frowning:

I want openWRT TL-WR842ND to act something like a clever switch. All the rouing, DHCP, etc. is made by Mikrotik

Use ssh to connect to the device.
Then run the commands I mentioned earlier.

"You could avoid the use of vlans by setting up the guest wifi as described in the wiki."

Side question; Would this setup still hold true if its coded into a Dumb AP?

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Thank you for the directions! I need to get better at searching the Wiki Manuals.