VLAN wiki page wrong about driver level vlan?

In https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/vlan/switch_configuration#creating_driver-level_vlans the following paragraph confuses me:

If the incoming packet arrives to the interface with software VLANs (incoming packet to eth1) and has a VLAN ID tag set, it appears on the respective software-VLAN-interface instead (VLAN ID 2 tag arrives on eth1.2) -- if it exists in the configuration! Otherwise the packet is dropped. Non-tagged packets are delivered to non-VLAN interface (eth1) as usual.

It appears to say that when there is an incoming frame on eth1 with vid 2, it will only appear on eth1.2. What I think happens is that the frame arrives on both eth1 and eth1.2. On eth1 it arrives with vlan tag and on eth1.2 it arrives without. I tested this to be sure. For example

tcpdump -veni eth0 vlan 137

shows frames with ethertype 802.1Q-QinQ (0x88a8).

tcpdump -veni eth0_137

shows the same frames but without tag. Furthermore, a bridge configured on another device happlily forwards tagged frames without me mentioning this vid anywhere in the configuration. So the frame is, in fact, not dropped, despite the wiki page saying so.

Am just misreading the article or is there something else that I missed?