VLan via WLAN on 2 Router

Hello, I'd like to realise a WLan bridge. I have two small OpenWRT Router. They should talk to each other via Wlan. Also schould they route VLAN's via WLan. I thing it's Easy but not for me. Please see my concept below. How and where can I config the WLan, to work like I want it?

IP: DHCP:   Router Groß
    Vlan 101-120 12 Lan1 101-120 123 Lan2 101-120 23 Wan 101-120 123 Wlan
      Router klein
    Vlan 201-220 12 Lan1 201-220 23 Wan 201-220 123 Wlan
VL-Rules x=access 0=denied  
  12 123 23
12 x x 0
123 x x x
23 0 x x

Thanks Rob

There are IP conflicts on big router. Lan2 and Wlan must be bridged, otherwise use different address and vlan.
If you want to bridge the 2 routers, then on the small router you'll also need to resolve the IP conflicts, e.g Lan1 will be
Also keep in mind that one lan host on router small might get an IP from dhcp on router big.

VLANs over WLAN are not standards compliant, you'll need to check whether it's supported by your devices/drivers. Also, as mentioned by trendy, you should only have one DHCP server per VLAN.

That's correct. However if you bind one vlan to one ssid you can manage to pass them from one router to the other.

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Hi that's correct. LAN2 and WLAN schould combinate in one Interfase (bridge) because they have the same rights.
You are right the small router should get the *.2 -IP. Copy and paste Error.

I also thought about DHCP and just VLAN 123 will get one. It would be ok If the Small router send an DHCP IP to LAN2.

But how do I have to config WLan?

How can i realise it?

As @trendy said, VLAN tags can't be sent directly over wifi. Either use three separate AP instances, or add another layer to the link such as BATMAN. VLANs can be added simply to BATMAN with the notation bat0.N, so it's a potential solution even if you don't use the primary feature of multipoint meshing.

When things are bridged together, the DHCP server can't tell which router / AP a client is connected to. It works like an Ethernet switch, passing packets through without changing their addresses or contents.

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It though I Use 2 SSID's. One for Router to Router communikation and one for Router to device like it ist already used for Normal an guest WLAN? Is there a better methode?

You'd use three AP-WDS instances on the same radio, one for lan1 one for lan2 and one for wan. These would have different SSIDs so that on the other side your three client instances connect to the proper one.

Ok I have added my table. That should be the solution.

IP: DHCP:   Router Groß  
    Vlan   WLAN SSID OFF 12 Lan1 ProNet12 101-120 123 Lan2 Accesspoint to 123 OFF 23 Wan ProNet23 101-120 123 Wlan ProNet123_G
    Router klein  
    Vlan OFF 12 Lan1 Accesspoint to 12 OFF 23 Wan Accesspoint to 23 201-220 123 Wlan ProNet123

Where can I on Luci configured multible SSID's and the AP-Mode?

Everything is under Network-Wireless.
Add another network:

You can do multi-ap, but not multi-sta.

sry, but I don't understand ?

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You can create three APs in a radius, but you cannot create three "STAs" in the same radius.

What are STA?

Station (client mode).

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