VLAN Trunk on WAN Port (eth1) - WR841ND

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I am using the above mentiond router. Its wan port is connected to switch where i have a port with an untagged private network and a TAGGED guest network. so my goal is to configure the wan port with the tagged vlan9, but this seems to be a bit complicated.
First of all, the vswitch0 doesnt show the WAN port. Only CPU-Port eth0 and Ports 1-4.
how do i have to edit the /etc/config/networking to make things work?
how can i bring a additional tagged vlan to eth1? is it possible to confgure a vswich on eth1? or is eth1 a port on vswitch0?
creating a vlan interface and bridging it with eth1 doesnt work!
all forum posts only show things working on eth0, i cant believe that. :>

thank you!

Just edit wan interface eth1 to eth1.9


Should help you to do that on luci.

will i keep the untagged traffic on eht1 as well?

yep, the physical wan port can handle tagged & untagged traffic.

it worked by bridging to an interface manualy naming eth1.9!
thanks so easy =)

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