VLAN & switch: No "Switch VLAN" created when I expected it

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup vlans on my TP-Link TL-WDR3600 (wireless disabled).

I tried to following some guides but couldn't wrap my head around different openwrt concepts. I then realized that my router has a "Network --> Switch" tab where I can (finally) see the five physical ports on the device (four for the lan and one for the wan). In there I see vlans 1 and 2, which I believe openwrt sets up for the lan and the wan.

I'll keep wan (2) around but would like to replace vlan 1 with four (10, 20, 30, 40). My first step was to create vlan id 10 (which I described as "Personnal"). For that vlan I set port 2 as tagged, ports 1 and 3 as untagged, and port 4 as off (vlan 1 set as untagged for vlan 1). Here's a screenshot:

After "save and apply", if I visit "Network --> Interfaces --> Devices" I now see an eth0.10, which, when I hover my mouse over it, says is a "Switch VLAN" (eth0 is also a "Switch VLAN"):


So far, so good. I can then visit "Network --> Interfaces --> Interfaces" and click "Add new interface" and use this new eth0.10 as the device.

But then I can't do those steps again to create the other vlans. In the "Network --> Switch" tab I can add the other vlans:

but there is no new devices added in "Network --> Interfaces --> Devices": I only have eth0.10 present, ie there is no eth0.20, eth0.30 and eth0.40.

Because of this I can't move on (ie add a new device or interface associated with those "Switch VLAN"s)...

Am I doing something wrong?


They all need to be tagged on the CPU (eth0) if they are to interact with the system (for either wifi or a nework interface). This will make it show up as eth0.x.

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Awesome, that was it! Thanks a lot! :+1:

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