VLAN subinterface not "present" anymore according to LuCi

Ahoy friends.
I got my Raspberry Pi 4 running fine, using OpenWrt, for a quite long time. But now since 1 hour i am experiencing some issues. One of my vlan subinterfaces on eth0, my eth0.3 interface is no longer present for some reason. Reboot didn't help. Even though, RX and TX traffic is still going through.
What might be the reason here? And how can i fix this?

All the other vlan subinterfaces are running fine, but out of nowhere this happened a few minutes ago.


  • probably the wip luci DSA stuff
  • post a note on the relevant github pr ( or the thread from yesterday asking for feedback )

note: with master it can often be beneficial to recreate you configs from scratch when new features are introduced... you may wish to test this / compare network config files for syntactical anomalies...

Unlikely. The error message comes directly from netifd, so it is unrelated to LuCI changes.