Vlan setup kinda working

I am struggling a bit with the following setup

The vlan switch in my Linksys WRT1900ACS is working as expected, as I have vlan 10,20,30 tagged on my Port 4 and I can access vlan 10 and 30 by setting another port untagged in one of these vlans.

What I now want to do: Set up a dhcp server on my linksys in vlan 20.
I tried it like this in luci:
Add new static address interface with ip i need to use the vlan address? If so how will I be able to add more vlans with internet access?) interface eth0.20. Gateway empty (also tried to put the vlan address which is

I get an ip via dhcp but I cannot ping my edgerouter or access the internet.
Any ideas?

Please copy the output of the following commands and post it here using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have

ubus call system board; \
uci export network; uci export dhcp; uci export firewall; \
head -n -0 /etc/firewall.user; \
ip -4 addr ; ip -4 ro li tab all ; ip -4 ru; \
ls -l  /etc/resolv.* /tmp/resolv.*; head -n -0 /etc/resolv.* /tmp/resolv.*
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You should add corresponding network interface, firewall zone, and forwarding.

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Yes something in the Edgerouter needs to be listening on eth2.20. At the least an IP and netmask in the proper subnet and a firewall zone that allows input.

First of all I solved it myself after some sleep which really helped.
What I needed to do. Setup a "WAN" interface in vlan 20 with masquerading and the appropriate firewall zones + forwarding. I really don't know what I was doing the day before because of tiredness.
For anyone wondering in LUCI:

  1. Create static address interface "WAN" assign it ip in vlan (i used
  2. Under Gateway in the "WAN" interface give it the ip the other router is listening on for vlan 20, in my case
  3. Assign it a firewall zone "WAN"
  4. Enable masquerading in that zone and allow forward for each zone that needs to go "out".

Hint: Check if your route goes to my case)
Thank you for your help.

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