VLAN Port summary page

Would a new page Bridge VLAN Filtering Summary help anyone else? I am sure the Name / Description will cause problems, so that can be delayed. Even without the Name / Description field, I would find something like the table below useful. In the example below, I can see that br-lan has lots happening. It would be nice if the text U | * or T is clickable and opens the correct Network --> Interfaces --> Configure --> Bridge VLAN filtering tab`. This solves the problem of having to click on every bridge to see what VLAN filtering is set to find the one you care about.

P.S. I don't know how to show vertical borders for a table.

Port ID Name / Description br-lan br-guest br-IOT br-Streaming
1 Not Recommended
2 Not Recommended
10 Main Network U | * T
11 TV Network U | * U | *
12 Gaming U | *
98 GUEST U | *
99 IOT U | *

As a beginner who prefers to use LuCI for configuration wherever possible, I would very much like a VLAN summary page like this.