VLAN on WNDR3800 WAN port

I could not find any direct instruction for how to set this up so noting here how I got it working.

Here in New Zealand the fibre or cable internet connections (Enable, Chorus, Vodafone etc) sometimes come with VLAN tag 10 from the ONT or cable modem. (I think Untagged or a different tag is used for VoIP)

On the WNDR3800 (Atheros AR7161) the WAN port is on the CPU, it is not part of the switch. So it doesn't show up in the switch config which has an obvious place to set the VLAN id.
( For some other routers the WAN port is on the switch so config instructions are different.)

I can't remember now where I got the hint, but it is actually very easy to set the the VLAN ID of the WAN port.

In the web interface

  1. Go to Network ▸ Interfaces
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Click the drop down menu for Device: probably currently says "eth1"
  4. Click in the very bottom field that says "-- custom --" and type "eth1.10"
  5. Click Save, then Save and Apply
  6. Repeat for WAN6. You may find that eth1.10 is now in the list of available Devices

Once the changes have been applied, the icon under WAN will change to a little 3 port + cable image.
Hovering the cursor over this will show various details including "Type: Software VLAN"

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Showing both "Sofware VLAN" appearing in the list (won't be there the first time you edit), and typing in "eth1.10" at the bottom of the list.

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This post NZ fibre network config (Contact Energy) on a Nanopi R5S shows the same thing in the text configuration.

I think this would do the same job when logged in to the SSH console (disclaimer: I haven't tried it myself)

uci set network.wan.device eth1.10
uci set network.wan6.device eth1.10
uci commit
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By adding the dotvlan notation in the interface, it is tagging the egress frames.
And a fix:

I'm happy to take your word for it. And it seems easy to do the same in web interface.

Can you explain (or point to explanation) what is wrong with "tagging egress frames"
uci set network.wan6.device eth1.10

and what is the advantage of using the alias @wan


It is not wrong, just confirming.
The @wan can cover the pppoe scenario as well.

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