VLAN Isolation and default route setup help

Hey guys,
so i have 2x wdr1043 + 1x wdr3600 (cascaded under a wdr1043)
i have successfully created vlans and desired switch configs
i have successfully created wifi and guest wifis for each device.
all devices connect to the internet via a pfsense firewall
all devices get their correct IPs via cable or wifi

but i discovered on the top wdr1043 (for the cascaded wdr3600) it couldn't connect on the LAN segment (which is supposed to be mgmt lan)

After further investigation, i see the problem in the IPv4 routing table

WLAN1 (wifi gateway address)
LAN3 -

So it seems the default pushes everything out the WLAN1 gateway.

I don't have any firewall config, but i want the following functionality.

  • each network should route via the pfsense gateway 192.168.x.1
  • each network should be isolated from the other networks on the device
  • routing between networks should be controlled via the pfsense

grateful for some config assistance.

Only the management network must have IP/mask/gateway.
All the other networks must be unmanaged.
They are dumbAPs not routers.