Vlan ignoring nftables rules

Couple questions?

  1. I have a pretty basic setup - wrt router( wan port connected via ethernet cable to isp
    gateway ( lan port. (Its default config with wrt router ip changed to
    Trying to do some basic routing as a test but the rules seem to be getting ignored. Basically I'm
    trying to match mac address and drop incoming or outgoing packets. Relevant snippet below

Table inet fw4 { # handle 1
chain input { # handle 1
type filter hook input priority filter; policy accept;
iifname "lo" accept comment "!fw4: Accept traffic from loopback" # handle 119
ct state established,related accept comment "!fw4: Allow inbound established and related flows" # handle 120
tcp flags syn / fin,syn,rst,ack jump syn_flood comment "!fw4: Rate limit TCP syn packets" # handle 121
iifname "br-lan" jump input_lan comment "!fw4: Handle lan IPv4/IPv6 input traffic" # handle 122
iifname "eth0.2" jump input_wan comment "!fw4: Handle wan IPv4/IPv6 input traffic" # handle 123
ether saddr dc:e9:94:34:3f:cf drop # handle 167

  1. can I have boolean NOT and OR conditions on a rule?
    for example "accept every packet except ping"
    !meta nfproto ipv4 icmp type { echo-request } accept (NOT) not sure about syntax there.
    `ether saddr = 00:00:5e:00:53:00 OR meta nfproto ipv4 icmp type { echo-request } accept (OR) not sure about syntax either.

The order of the rules in a chain is important.
The first rule that matches the type of traffic will be used.
You append your rule at the end of the input chain, but there are jumps to the input_lan and input_wan chains before it.
Most likely, the traffic meets the rule's conditions in some of those chains, the corresponding (allowing) action is applied, and the packets never reach your custom rule.

Use insert instead of add to insert the rule at the beginning of the chain.
Also add a counter so you can check the rule hits.

nft insert rule inet fw4 input ether saddr dc:e9:94:34:3f:cf counter drop

It depends on what you want to achieve, but don't overcomplicate things.
Better to create several simple clear rules than just one complex rule.

That's not possible.

I want to check if packet is NOT a ping i.e

nft add rule inet fw4 !meta nfproto ipv4 icmp type { echo-request } counter drop #its not a ping drop it!

As far as as the other stuff goes you were right - I also should have been adding those rules in forward not input chains