VLAN DSA for AP with newifi d2 help!

Good day. I recently tried the bridge vlan filtering for the latest stable version of OpenWRT but I could not make it work like I am intending to. I use my Newifi-D2 purely for Wireless Access points for my private and guest wifi but as soon as I save the configuration I am not able to access my router via LuCi with static address assigned but able to connect to my internet. Here is what I did without the config.

main->network->interfaces, click [devices]
modi br-lan configure... remove lan4,lan1 from br-lan,

click [add device configure...] device type select 'bridge device' , 'bridge ports' select lan4 and lan1,
click 'Bridge VLAN filtering', add 60,70,80 ,select untaged or taged,