VLAN Access Firewall


i try to figure out what i did wrong. cant find the fail.
maybe some of you guys can advice and help me.

i will try to explain:

I have a couple of vlans, but my problem i cant access an ip of a specified vlan.

my vlan is eth0.60 i try to acces an ip from "normal eth0" lan.

i put this for testing the following rule:

config rule
	option name 'ALLOw Alla'
	option src '*'
	option dest 'security'
	list dest_ip ''
	option target 'ACCEPT'

but i cant access it.

i assume there is a switch problem, is this possible ?
the pc is on port 7.
my laptop -> wlan accespoint -> port 3



noone should have access to port 7 except my latop (macaddress)

hope this are enough informations to help :slight_smile:

thank you

Some devices will not enumerate VLANs and no-VLANs on the same port. Try assigning this LAN a VLAN ID also.

Lastly...your pictures are not OpenWrt, so how this is related to the forum? :man_shrugging:

I see the firewall rule; but it provides no context to the unrelated pictures (e.g. you show no OpenWrt VLAN config, route to, don't explain how the OpenWrt is connected, we're to assume VLAN 60 is numbered, etc.).

Then plug only your laptop into port 7.

How is this related to the OpenWrt?

If you're trying to make rules in the OpenWrt and need help, you'll have to explain where it's connected in the network. :wink:

Try a switch virtual interface and or router on a stick.

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ah yes, first youtube tutorials, seems like this is what i want to achieve.
im gonna read further infos. thanks for the hint.