VirtualBox - using DHCP for LAN

I have a home network with two routers: one the default router the other an access point.

I intend to flash openWRT to the AP, then disable the DHCP on the default gateway and use openWRT (on the AP) to set DNS servers to etc (none of the commercial ISP-issued routers I have allow setting these).

Initially, I’ve installed openWRT in VirtualBox to simply get familiar with the management web interface. However, before starting to flash hardware, I want to experiment further with VirtualBox.

Question: Dump question maybe but, am I right to think that if I keep my laptop on (with VirtualBox running openWRT) that it would technically be possible to get it to be the DHCP for the physical devices connecting to my home network ?

Currently, this is on the edge of my knowledge; I’ve drowned several times ‘deep diving’ on the topic – any simple guidance/ signposting greatly appreciated…

Thank you for this link.

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