Virtual OpenWrt with a trusted wan

Im not sure the best way of describing my requirements, but here goes, I hope you can hlep me.

Im trying to build a 'lab' at work so i can learn new technologies.
I have been allocated 2 static IPs on the company lan (to be considered as safe).
I have 2 bridges configured on my proxmox lab server, internal lan ( and WAN (first allocated work lan IP).
Proxmox VMs will be on the internal lan bridge only.

I would love to use OpenWRT for DHCP/DNS on the internal lan, port forwarding from my WAN to LAN, and also allow the LAN access to my WAN services of course. I would need to allocate both bridges to my OpenWRT VM and configure the OpenWRT WAN interface with my other static IP and my LAN interface would be

Is this considered a reasonable use, and can you point me in the right direction to configure this please?

My desktop is also on the company network of course.

Many thanks.

Yes, just be aware that you basically have to duplicate a lot of your networking setup on both hypervisor (proxmox) and then OpenWrt again (which is part of the reason why I usually recommend bare iron installations instead, but that's a different situation with a segregated lab network).