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and many thanks for considering my question. it's a question or feature request.

what I want to be able to do is see 'live' client activity on the network, such as urls visited, etc.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this. the information in the 'overview' section is rather stale. I want to see client via IP address and their destination, the url(s) they're viewing.

thanks a lot.

Ty a PiHole or similar DNS based solution. Because most sites and services are encrypted (i.e. https), you won't likely get any more granularity than the basic domains that are being visited.


@psherman thanks a lot. but even the domains, openwrt does not show and it does not show 'live' information. what we see is rather stale on the Overview page.

This is technically impossible. The majority of HTTP traffic is SSL encrypted nowadays specifically to prevent 3rd parties from seeing the URLs being visited.

In order to do that you would need to install an SSL breaking transparent proxy, like Squid and deploy a custom trusted root CA on all client machines. This is too big, too complex and too invasive to ever become a default functionality.


Like I said, and as expanded by @jow, the best you can do is a basic domain based monitor for any practical deployment. That is the current state of the internet. And it will only get harder to do even the DNS based monitoring/filtering as DoH/DoT become more common.

@psherman @jow thanks to both of you. @psherman how can I do a domain based monitor that is 'live'? or, if not 'live' just monitor.

I don't know how 'live' you will get, but try PiHole.

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Thanks a lot @psherman

The DNS Report in adblock provides the same kind of information, e.g.

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