View instantaneous speed for device

With Darkstat or another component is possible to view the instantaneous speed (Kbps/sec) used by each device?

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iftop I’ve used on other systems.

You’ll likely need a fast, multi-core device with plenty of RAM.

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This measures the Kb and not the Kb / sec

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I started using iftop and it works fine.
Is it possible to display 2 interfaces in the same console at the same time?
I tried "iftop -i br-lan -i lan1.3" but it doesn't work.

See the man page on a desktop, linked above, in the source or through resources listed at

As far as I’ve ever used it, one interface per instance.

It goes beyond this thread.
There is a Mac program where I double click and login via ssh to the OpnWrt router without requiring a password and start iftop automatically?

Okay that part, ssh without having to type a password is easy, you just need to add your public key to the router's authorized_keys file:

    # dropbear (openwrt/lede/turrisos)
    cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@ 'cat >> /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys'

    # do not leak the key...
    ssh root@ 'chmod 0700 /etc/dropbear'
    ssh root@ 'chmod 0600 /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys'

From then on ssh root@ from the machine which public key you authorized will not require a password anymore.

for one-shot commands like traceroute you could use
ssh root@ 'traceroute'
to get the result into the calling terminal window, but that does not work with interactive screen updating applications like iftop (it also does not solve you double click issue, but it should be easy to start a shell script by double click).

Sorry fr not being able to not fully solve your issue.