Very low wifi speed with iperf3


I would like th have your help to diagnose very slow wifi speed, I tried a Roku devide and it couldn't keep up with 1080p and the diagnostic menu revealed high wifi glitch rate. I tested an old non-openwrt router and the Roku works flawlessly (same 2.4G band). I tested the bandwidth to be around 10.5mbps with iperf3 (server-client) and 80mbps with another old non-openwrt router.

I use this openwrt router as an AP specifically to separate different SSID into vlans (like IoT). the router is based on a Ramips MT7620 SOC (generic) and I use the image openwrt-19.07.8-ramips-mt7620-zbt-we826-16M-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin. 32MB FLASH 128MB RAM. Here's the link to the router if you are interested.

Could you tell me what would be the next steps to diagnose the issue? Thanks

pretty much all routers are more or less openwrt/LEDE based.

That is not a fw for the device you own (since it doesn't appear to be supported),
In a way you should be lucky it came back up after flashing ....

love the fact the aliexpress page shows Zyxel branded screenshots of the webUI, for a non-Zyxel device :wink:
and the openwrt screenshot displays an unsupported device name, HL-WR865.