Very impressive. Thanks, openwrt!

after 2-day test, have to say thanks to openwrt, every thing seems very easy on setting and configuration. install/configure openvpn on DDWRT is totally nightmare. I afraid I will stick with openwrt in future.

impressed by below functions:


but only one thing is unsuccessful: if want reboot daily, creat below command in schedule task in web-gui, but doesn't work, how to fix it

01 3 * * * reboot

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Use this to prevent a reboot loop:

01 3 * * * sleep 70 && reboot

It is important to wait for more than one minute to advance the clock. Since OpenWrt will save the clock on shutdown and restore it on boot, it will be exactly 03:01 again after reboot, triggering the cronjob, rebooting again, ...

Thanks Jow!

It works great!:grinning:

Is really need?

OpenWRT is very stable and work very well...
Before upgrading my routers to version 18.06.1, see the uptime of my 1043nd v.1.0 running Chaos Calmer ...



It's amazing a router can run such long time, but ....but reboot daily can secure a router not to stuck in a remote place.

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