Verbindung fehlgeschlagen

ich versuche auf meinem neuen ALFA R36A wie unter;a=commit;h=af8f0629df080bb057dea6cc77a1faacc648ae0d
beschrieben folgende Firmware zu installieren
leider erhalte ich bei Punkt 3 der Beschreibung die Meldung
"Verbindung fehlgeschlagen" ???

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a second try.
I would like to install openwrt on ALFA R36A.
I did the setup related to;a=commit;h=af8f0629df080bb057dea6cc77a1faacc648ae0d
At point 3 of the description, i got the message "Connection failed" ???
I tried to send a ping from terminal, but got no response???

Try clearing the browser cache.

Make sure your static IP is set properly including the netmask.

Bootloader recovery often doesn't even answer pings, so you can't know if it is working or not just from that.