VDSL2 Super-Vectoring Profile 35b Modems: DrayTek Vigor165, ZyXEL VMG3006-D70A VDSL2, Telekom Digibox Basic

Hi there,
OpenWrt possible for one of these device?
Would prefer running OpenWrt on a VDSL2, profile 35b (super-vectoring) modem.

Best regards.

OpenWrt does not currently support any super-vectoring capable VDSL modem.

There is a reason the DrayTek Vigor165 is setup in full-bridge mode by default, they are mainly used as modems, not routers. The cpu's in those things are really low-end. So just use the modem in bridge mode and put a decent compatible openWrt device behind it and let openwrt handle PPPoE+Vlan.

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My intention is to use the modem in full-bridge mode, in combination with an OpenWrt router.
But what I've read, even in full-bridge mode, the vendor based software is not quite good enough. For example, those devices suppose to have problems with DSL sync. Moreover, configuration is troublesome since you need to restart the device after any config.
I think that this might be true.