V2ray VPN tunnel only through Guest WiFi Network?

First of all. I'm a total newbie for this.

I have installed Openwrt on my Linksys Velop wh03v02 with V2ray up and running without any issue. This connected as Dumb AP . This AP has 2 AC Wifi Radios and 1 b/g/n and 1 LAN port. All these interfaces currently running through V2ray VPN connection.

I need only 1 Guest Wifi network to route through this VPN connection while all the other interfaces route through ISP direct connection. I have searched everywhere to find an answer for this but unable to do so. Found out some similar issues and all of them used either Wireguard or OpenVPN not V2ray so I'm bit in the dark here. If someone could suggest me how to configure this with V2ray. I would be so grateful. Thanks

Haven't worked with v2ray but with its original source shadowsocks and with it you cannot achieve what you want to as it's not a proper vpn exposing a linux interface but an encrypted proxy - working only at layer7.
You could however configure the dhcp server dnsmasq to provide the proxy in a wpad file but only clients that are aware of this could use it - like windows 10/11.
My recomandation would be to switch to either openvpn or wireguard.

EDIT: I was wrong. Seems to be possible if you set v2ray to expose a socks5 proxy port (like 9050) and some custom nft rules for your guest wlan0.1

table ip v2ray_guest {
    chain prerouting {
        type nat hook prerouting priority 0; policy accept;
        iifname "wlan0.1" tcp dport { 80, 443 } redirect to :9050

Could you please be more specific since I'm new to this, I don't quite get what you are saying. If I set a v2ray socks5 proxy port as you mentioned how to configure the other wans and lan to not to connect over VPN. Thanks for your reply.

No idea unfortunately as mentioned I never worked with v2ray