V23.05.2 with different kernel versions?


This seems to be a solution! I really try it out now!
But why do I have to do this adjustment, as I never (ever) had to do this before?


Note that you are basically hardcoding a compatibility check override, exposing yourself to possible incompatibilities and crashes, if there happen to be real incompatibilities between kernel modules.

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Did already 5 time git clone, completely new build again, but still facing these issues, what else to solve them?
How to build v23.05.2 with kernel fedd9aa540b38047b7ee66cc038a7408, as I did for years now. So I can install packages afterwards.
If the kernel is different I can not use luci-app-opkg.

(btw, indeed build runs into errors now -again-...)


When you build by yourself, the best solution is to include the packages that you want in the build itself, so that using opkg is not necessary.



I tried your 'work-around', but the build crashes on compiling kernel.
Seems not a real solution, as hnyman already mentioned.


I must have been crazy or something (for years).

Checking older builds (as far as I can, v22.03.0-rc6 and up) discovered they all have different kernel-hash, not the same as OpenWrt release versions. I must have thinking that when you use git checkout v22.03.6 all packages and kernel are of the same hash, but they are not!

I was not aware of this, and this is also not mentioned in the wiki pages? (Where? Q1)
Only if you change builds with make kernel_menuconfig, there is written that the kernel will be not 'vermagic'.
But if you do not use make kernel_menuconfig, the kernel-hash CAN also change if you select other packages!

Then my question will be (Q2):
Is there a possibility to build OpenWrt versions according 'checkout' version, with additional packages AND the option to use luci-app-opkg afterwards to be able to use the official repositories? (Most probably not?)

(Q3) Why was luci-app-opkg always -automatically- selected when luci was selected?
You can not add packages with this option, if you had other packages selected when building that image.
With version v23 and up I now see there is a luci-light version which does not have luci-app-opkg selected.

I take the last comment from hnyman as best solution, and remove luci-app-opkg from my (own) builds.


You can install normal non-kernel packages with opkg just fine. And also include them in your builds.

The checksum only concerns kernel packages and options. (But note that selecting a "normal" package may mean pulling in a dependency to a kernel module package, which then changes the checksum.)


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