V21.02.3 - failed to load image from SD card

I would like to update the OpenWRT from v19.07.5 to v21.02.3. My device works with v19.07.5 but fails to detect the SD card from v21.02.3. Below are the error messages:
AT91Bootstrap 3.9.3 (2022-04-16)
SDHC: fix in place for SAMA5D2 SoM VDDSDMMC over-consumption errata
SD/MMC: Image: Read file u-boot.bin to 0x23f00000
MMC: ADMA supported
SDHC: Error: No Card Inserted
*** FATFS: f_open, filename: [u-boot.bin]: error
SD/MMC: Failed to load image

I applied the same steps for building, flashing and executing the kernel image from v19.07.5 for v21.02.3.
Here is my menuconfig
Target System: Microchip (Atmel AT91)
Subtarget: SAMA5 boards(Cortex-A5)
Target Profile: Microchip(Atmel AT91) SAMA5D27 SOM1 Ek
* Build the OpenWrt Image Builder
* Include package repositories
* Build the OpenWrt SDK
* Package the OpenWrt-based Toolchain
* Kernel modules > USB Support > kmod-usb-net > kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan
* Kernel modules > USB Support > kmod-usb-serial > kmod-usb-serial-option
* Libraries > libconfig
* Libraries > zlib
* Network > File Transfer > curl
* Utilities > Terminal > picocom

Are there anything changes from v19.07.5 to v21.02.3 that fail to detect the SD card?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds lika a missing boot loader.

The build is different from v21.02.3 even I use the same make menuconfig.
I checked the files from the sd cards. it looks like the v21.02.3 is missing zImage file



How to configure the build for following target to run the image from the SD card?
Target System (Microchip (Atmel AT91))
Subtarget (SAMA5 boards(Cortex-A5))
Target Profile (Microchip(Atmel AT91) SAMA5D27 SOM1 Ek)

I think there is an issue with the BOOT.bin file. The BOOT.bin does not detect the micro SD card which using SDMMC1.
Do you know how to fix the BOOT.bin file.

The changes of the AT91 sama5D27 som1 bootstrap and u-boot bootloaders from OpenWRT v19.07.9 to v21.02.0 caused the bootloaders could not detect the SDMMC1 - microSD card

Could anyone find out the differences of bootstrap (BOOT.bin) and u-boot.bin bootloaders between the following versions:
AT91Bootstrap 3.8.10 and 3.9.3
U-Boot 2017.03 linux4Sam_5.8 and 2020.01

AT19 bootstrap 3.9.3 failed
u-boot 2020.01 failed.