V17.01.3 not showing latest hardware


When I pull that branch, why don't I see all of the latest hardware - for instance the 16 MB and the 32 MB builds of MT7621 --> ZBT WG3526?

I don't understand the release structure. Is this not the latest commits off the trunk? I see those builds from the trunk. What is the release process?

When would we see a "stable" release of the latest hardware that shows in the trunk?

What will be in the 17.01.3 Stable release.

It's still building, it will take around 2 days for all images to show up (given that there are multiple buildbots crunching the source, the order is semi-random).

But yes, device support 32 MB flash variant has never been backported to the 17.01.x branch - you can ask for it to be applied (obviously it can make it for 17.01.3 anymore, but has a chance for the next release).

I dont think that there will be a new 17.01 release.
Next stable should be from master branch