Using Wifi for Wan

I would like to setup OpenWRT as a typical gateway (so with a NAT and DHCP etc) but also have it optionally connect to another routers Wifi as it's Wan (at the same time as using Wifi for it's Lan - so different SSID etc).
How do I do this?

It depends on the wireless capabilities of the radio. Do a iw list and look for the valid interface combinations: section.
If managed and ap are supported in the same line with total <= 2 at least, then you can read this guide and also use mwan3 for the load balancing of the multiple wans.

Thanks, that was interesting.

Turns out it was much easier than expected.
Just needed to click on LUCI-network-wireless then click on the radios "scan" button, select the network and take it from there. All the required settings seemed to be automagically created and setup.

Only it didn't work presumably due to a driver/hardware issue.
Instead I added a usb wifi adapter, loaded the drivers and followed the above process.

I still have issues with the routers radio only registering as bg when it should be bgn, and giving me slow data rates - that's an issue for a new post.

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