Using sftp & sshfs with Wolfssl?

I like the convenience of using sshfs, but if only Wolfssl is installed, connections are dropped on successful authentication

Local> sshfs -p<ssh portnumber on OpenWrt router> root@openwrt.lan:/ /media/user/openwrt's password:
remote host has disconnected

If I install openssh-ftp-server it works, but at the cost of installing libopenssl, which takes up about a megabyte of space.

A previous question from August 2020 has a somewhat unsatisfactory answer ( Did anybody try to use openssh-sftp-server with wolfssl? )

The sftp server is part of OpenSSH. So it depends on OpenSSL. Never seen you can build it against another SSL library - and why would they support it? They're both maintained by the same BSD project AFAIK. Their maintenance burden is heavy enough as is.

To enable SFTP or SCP, build wolfSSH with the following enable flags: --enable-sftp --enable-scp

Do I need to compile WolfSSL myself, or is this something we can request of the developers? I don't know how much extra space building WolfSSL with sftp and scp support would take, but I suspect it is less than dragging in the whole openssl library. The point of using WolfSSL is to avoid that, I thought.

You can create an Openwrt package for WolfSSH.

Since OpenWrt switched to WolfSSL by default then maybe it the Dropbear should be replaced with WolfSSH

This may safe a lot of place

I don't think it is a good idea to replace dropbear, but to add wolfssh-sftp-server is a good idea.

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