Using router as local network only

Hello, I am building a robot and I need to have a onboard network that I can connect to from my laptop via WiFi, but I also have a computer onboard the robot and I would like to have it connected with Ethernet. A small portable router will be on the robot, and im using a TP-Link TL-WR902AC flashed with OpenWrt, but it only has one Ethernet interface. So I want to use the Ethernet interface only as a LAN port that is on the same network as the wireless. I dont need any connection to WAN, so it will operate only on a local network. How can I configure this on OpenWrt?


The default configuration of OpenWrt has the ethernet port associated with the lan network. The wifi is also associated with the lan network, but it is disabled by default. To use wifi, simply set your country code, SSID, encryption type, and password, and then enable the radio.

Aside from that enabling the wifi, no other changes are required to meet your goals.