Using PWM0, PWM1, UART2 and SD pins as GPIO in MT7628

I am trying to use about 15 pins of MT7628 as GPIO pins using the PIN share scheme. Few of them are used by default as SD card, PWM, and uart2 pins.

I built a new LEDE image by editing the dts file as follows.

&pinctrl {
    state_default: pinctrl0 {
        gpio {
            ralink,group = "i2s", "pwm0", "pwm1", “uart2”, “sdmode";
            ralink,function = "gpio";

After I loaded the new image, the i2s port was converted to GPIO pin. But the pwm0, pwm1, uart2 and sd card pins didn’t work as GPIO pins. When I checked the memory map of the device, it was changed correctly as mentioned in the MT7628 programmer’s guide to enable GPIO in these pins.

Following are the pins I am trying to convert to GPIO pins.

Are there any other changes to be done other than in dts file to enable GPIO in these pins?