Using OpenWrt with a Freebox for a local network

Hi, my question is related to using a router with OpenWRT, with a Freebox (The Freebox is a popular Internet router delivered by [French ISP Free to its customers). The Freebox OS is highly customizable.

My Freebox is on, OpenWrt on OpenWrt has a static address on the Freebox and the DMZ is activated.

My concern is that, because of rooms, cables and thick walls, my NAS is directly connected to the Freebox, while my other devices are all on the OpenWrt, but none of them see the NAS. How can I get all these devices to see each other ?

I followed Guillaume Kulowski's ("llaumgui" on this forum) advices on his blog (in French) but it did not work. Thanks for yur help.

My config :

  • TP-Link Archer C50 v4 running OpenWrt 22.03.3
  • Nas runnning on Synology OS

You can consider setting up the OpenWRT router as dumb AP

In that case do not set the DMZ as your freebox router is doing all the firewalling.

If you want the OpenWRT router on its own subnet make sure it has its own subnet e.g. different from the freebox. If setup correctly clients on the OpenWRT router can connect to the NAS but only by IP address there is no discovery/dlna between subnets (there are ways to mitigate this but if this is what you want then just setup as dumb AP which is way easier).

Thanks, yes I considered used the OpenWRT as dumb AP (does the devices have to connect to OpenWRT via wifi, or can they also be connected via Ethernet).

I only try to connect to the Nas via its IP. But there is something weird : through my PC, when i go to "" (to get access to the Freebox UI via Firefox) it does not work, but via the "verbal" address (, it works (maybe because the Freebox itself is defined as the DNS in the OpenWRT. But still, it is weird, isn't it ?

Have you set the OpenWRT router on its own subnet e.g.