Using OpenWrt as Wordpress server

I'd like to use a Netgear-R7900 as a Wordpress webserver (with MySQL running on a different machine). This requires Apache, PHP and MySQL-client. I've built an image with 18.06, but the Apache crashes (segfaults), and PHP doesn't seem to be integrated.

I also built a native compiler and then tried to build everything on the router itself, which sort of works, but all of the build-tree-built libraries don't seem to have symbols, so I end up having to build ALL of the foundation libraries too (and there are a lot of them!)

So far, I haven't been able to get the whole Apache/PHP/MySQL stack built and running, and it takes the better part of a couple of days to get through all the builds.

Is there a trick to getting the cross-compiler-built libraries (and include files!) onto the router so they can be used with locally-compiled code? Or some other trick to getting LAMP running under OpenWrt?


Don't forget, openwrt is a operating system designed for routers and not for webservers.

I would use a raspberry pi for that.

if you look at the issues on github, this is known, use lighttpd or nginx, they work with php like a charm (TM)

I can confirm - tested some times ago with PHP7, nginx and postgres (IMHO on OpenWRT it runs better than MySQL).

I've got an R7900, though, and no RasPi. (I can't use the R7900 as a WiFi router because of the poor Broadcom wireless support, but the ethernets work OK, and I'd like to replace a different multi-homed web server where one of the interfaces is somewhat unreliable WiFi. So a dual-ethernet R7900 running Apache would be just the ticket!)

Thanks...I ended up trying to compile everything one last time, and I got it to work (Apache, PHP7, PHP's native MySQL driver). It's able to run Wordpress against a MySQL database running elsewhere.

I don't understand the OpenWrt cross-compile environment well enough to investigate why that Apache doesn't work, but in case anybody runs across this post, I can say that it is possible to compile a working LAMP stack on 18.06, if you build it all on the OpenWrt machine itself.

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