Using OpenVPN + AdBlock / BanIP


A bit of a network configuration newbie, so forgive me if I just throw the terminology around incorrectly.

I'm using ProtonVPN as a VPN provider on my desktop / mobile phone via their application, but connecting to it bypasses the Adblock settings on my router. Wondering if it's possible to get the best of both worlds.

I imagine you could maybe do this by i.e. creating multiple zones which pass traffic requests through one another in sequence, and having Adblock run on the outermost layer (rejecting attempted connections from those locations outright) and then having OpenVPN/ProtonVPN as the following zone. Finally, within the most 'internal' zone, I'd have Unbound running as my DNS resolver for e.g. DNS over TLS.

Is it possible to ladder these servers within OpenWRT so that they work like this? The most relevant solution I found on the forum concluded with the poster asking his VPN provider with additional DNS servers which block ads; I'm not sure that ProtonVPN provides these.

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When your VPN client is installed on the LAN client device, this issue is unrelated to OpenWrt as you need to tweak the configs on the client and specifically allow DNS leaks to OpenWrt.

Otherwise, install the VPN client on OpenWrt, and you will be able to use both Adblock and VPN.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I'll work on getting ProtonVPN working correctly w/ OpenVPN on OpenWRT and see if the configuration naturally falls into line.

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