Using multicast to unicast in WIFI relay mode

As in the tittle :How to use unicast mode (multicast to unicast) ?

OpenWrt is used without any problem in relay mode as described here:

For multicast tv streams from my internet provider the speed seems to be very insufficient

I think it is exactly like this:

So the question is: How to do Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion (M-to-U). with OpenWrt ?

I use:

Fiber box < -- WIFI --> OpenWrt relay mode <-- LAN --> Box TV ( multicast )

Wifi speed is not a problem because the "normal" data are over 400 Mb/s


Multicast Streams Over WiFi with Unicast conversion (udpxy)

If you wish to access multicast streams over WiFi, the bandwidth efficient way is to convert it to unicast so that high speed modulation can be used. The udpxy package enables this functionality.

Install the luci-app-udpxy package:

opkg update; opkg install luci-app-udpxy