Using Modemmanager to change operator and reconnect


After using QMI as protocol for my 3G/4G connections for a long time I am trying to replace is by using modemmanager as protocol. Everything works really good as long as I stay in Sweden.

I have Telenor as my operator and for example when I travel to Belgium it defaults to Proximus, but this does not work - on my phone I can change to Orange and after that IP starts to RX/TX just fine.

I am trying to make this easy to solve with luci-app-commans = CLI, so far I have figured the following commands (where I replase 12345 with the ID for Orange)
mmcli -m 0 --3gpp-register-in-operator=12345 after that I have tried to run 'ip link set wwan0 up' to reconnect the IP-connection, but I dont thinks this is a solution to my problem :frowning:

I thinks whats missing is that I connect to the new operator, but the parameter
modem.3gpp.registration-state does not chang to status : home

So can anybody help me I need the commands for change operator with modemmanager and re-establish the connection so that I can RX/TX data :expressionless:

/ Pj

You can set the PLMN code, so you can choose a specific operator, with uqmi.
uqmi -d "$device" --set-plmn --mcc 206 --mnc 10 for Orange, Belgium.