Using linux PIA client, http traffic eventually dies over my WDR3600

I'm running LEDE on a WDR3600 (no wifi) bridged to an Archer C7 also running LEDE via ethernet to provide wifi signal. Using's linux client (v.65) on a laptop while downloading a torrent, I'm no longer able to browse the internet on the same laptop after about 5-10 minutes. The torrent will continue downloading/seeding though very slowly. If I install Gargolye 1.9.x which is based on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer, this problem goes away.

Is there an obvious package I can try to install when running LEDE to fix this? Or is there something in Gargoyle's default config that can translate over?

Did you check LEDE's logread and dmesg for obvious errors like full contrack table, out of memory etc?

I did not, but I will. Thx for the suggestion.