Using hotels wifi as WAN

i am trying to create a separate subnet based on the hotel's wifi. making the hotels wifi as the WAN. but having my private wlan (also private ssid and password and firewall of course).

am i correct in assuming that the term is "wisp"?
in any case i did not find a guide that helped me.
i did try scan > join network > client mode. without success.

thank you

This is called a routed client. The simplest way to set one up is to directly configure a client (STA) wifi interface to connect to the hotel network, then attach it to the existing wan network instead of an Ethernet port.

It is important that if the hotel gives you a 192.168.1.X IP, OpenWrt's lan network needs to be changed to something else.

The travelmate package is a set of scripts to help with this use case.

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…and in most cases NAT on your router's WLAN interface will be needed (which is default, if you configured your WLAN as WWAN), as the typical hotel won't accept multiple devices behind a routed client (NAT hides them behind a single IP).

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For multiple networks you should use travelmate package.