Using External Toolchain (please help)

I have been building a openwrt firmware for a custom Chinese router based on mt7628an. I can do by the traditional openwrt toolchain. But I want to use an external musl-based toolchain. I followed a previous forum and was able to do it. but ends up breaking in between with errors of missing dependency for lib-nl for and I have set all the parameters on make menuconfig,

  1. adv. developer option -> use external toolchain -> toolchain prefix, toolchain root
    2.base system -> libc config -> libc shared library dir and libgcc dir.

I have tried all the combinations possibles and made multiple checks for syntax error. but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone tried to use openwrt build system with external toolchain and have you faced any issues? how did you rectify it ?. Please guide me through this process. Im a amateur undergraduate student working on a research project.

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