Using custom compiled 23.05.3

Hey everyone, thank you for the taking the time to read my question.
I have compiled Openwrt 23.05.3 with a patched driver for the Broadcom 57810s, this driver patch allows me to use the SFP+ ports on this PCIe card at a forced 2.5g mode which makes it compatible with my SFP GPON modules. So far so good, driver works correctly, modules detected and working correctly. My question is in regards to other packages, since I am not using the precompiled openwrt for x86, trying to install some packages from the official repo is giving me an error, in the case of wireguard-tools I am getting

satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for wireguard-tools:
 *      kernel (= 5.15.150-1-e496746edd89318b9810e48e36a8bd9c)
root@oeimdallr:~# uname -a
Linux oeimdallr 5.15.150 #0 SMP Fri Mar 22 22:09:42 2024 x86_64 GNU/Linux
root@oeimdallr:~# cat /etc/os-release
ID_LIKE="lede openwrt"
PRETTY_NAME="OpenWrt 23.05.3"
OPENWRT_RELEASE="OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa"

I thought I would be able to use the official repo for the specific version, since when I compiled it I checked out that specific version.

git checkout v23.05.0

The driver patch was obtained from an old DSLreports thread

the command offered by the dslreports guide is

wget -O target/linux/x86/patches-5.4/600-bnx2x-warpcore-8727-2g5.patch

and I changed the path to match the kernel version I was patching (patches-5.4 to patches-5.14)

wget -O target/linux/x86/patches-5.15/600-bnx2x-warpcore-8727-2g5.patch

My build environment was a Ubuntu 24.04 LTS VM specifically spun up to compiled openwrt.

Is it possible for me to use the official repo for that specific version "23.05.3" and how do I achieve this? I'm guessing there are some compilation instructions I need to follow?

I would deeply appreciate anyone who could point me in the correct direction.
Thank You

PS: the next possible step that occurred to me which I haven't tried yet, is to install the official x86 build but then side load the patched bnx2x firmware and kmod, is this possibly the solution?

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You have to provide your own kmod package repo for custom compiled kernel

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Search the forum for vermagic.


thank you very much @frollic that keyword is sending me down the right path, also thank you for all the work you do on openwrt, many of your past posts have helped me.

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Just make another build with the required packages included.

Build instructions:

I would just use the snapshot 23.0.5 (git checkout openwrt-23.05) then you are on the stable build but still have important things backported.
Make a new build with your required package.

Alternatively checkout v23.0.5.3 in that case you might be able to use the 23.05.3 packages from the official repo

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