Using CloudFlare's DNS-Over-TLS

Hello my friends. I've been trying to setup a DoT on my device using this official guide from CloudFlare:

Device: TP-Link TD-W8970 V1
Version: OpenWRT 19.07.2

They said to remove dnsmasq and install another package:

opkg update
opkg install unbound odhcpd unbound-control
opkg remove dnsmasq

But those packages are too heavy for my device and I run out of free space, and installation not completed.
Is there any way to use DoT on my device?

do not follow those instructions, just install stubby which acts as a proxy between dnsmasq and cloudflare

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Thanks. I just installed stubby, which one of those guides should I follow?


I have not used any of them, but the 1st one looks good.

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If I setup this, Can I keep using adblock?

I used to use Dnsmasq+stubby.The 1st guide you post is what I used at that time.

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No idea, sorry, never used it. Standalone Pi-hole is my best friend :slight_smile:

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Is there a list of DNS Servers that I can use with stubby?

Please refer to Stubby README that was mentioned in the guide you found.

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